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Shenzhen Mecree Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of high power LED flood lights

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  • Phone: +86 755 3653 5970
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    Floor 4, Bldg. 3, Pengtengda Industrial Park, Huarong Road, Dalang Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Mecree specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of high power LED flood lights that offer a versatile, robust and efficient solution to many applications, including sports lighting, high mast lighting, industrial lighting, and outdoor architectural lighting. Founded in 1999, Mecree was created to fill a market niche for outdoor floodlighting applications where intense light output, high performance, failsafe reliability, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance are of paramount concern. The Mecree LED floodlighting systems provide an all-inclusive lighting solution with forward thinking sustainability for the simplest through to the most complex area and sports lighting applications. Over the years, Mecree has built its name on premium high power LED fixtures that are engineered to last in highly demanding environments.

Whether the project is to illuminate outdoor stadiums, indoor arenas, commercial structures, parking lots, airports, shipping ports or any high tower lighting locations, Mecree's products have been specifically developed to push up the benchmark for these applications. With power packages offered as high as 2,000W which delivers a lumen output of 260,000lm, Mecree high power LED flood lights provide optimal lighting solutions for virtually any and every sports, outdoor, industrial and utility application. With over 10 years of experience designing and developing innovative lighting systems, Mecree's products seamlessly integrate latest technologies and an array of features that deliver superior uniformity and excellent illumination to the targeted application while offering excellent controllability by integrating smart controls. Mecree's LED lighting systems are redefining the high power lighting technology not only in terms of performance, but their impressive economics - extremely low life-cycle cost as well as short payback time.

Mecree is committed to providing premium lighting solution for professional sports applications. As today's sports e.g. soccer, baseball, football and basketball, are played at high speed over a vast area, lighting of the highest standard is critical to ensure a quality game and impacts on the final outcome. Mecree's LED sports lighting systems are engineered to fulfil this solution. The company's LED floodlighting systems take advantage of high brightness and color rendering LEDs, precision engineered optics that offer multiple beam spreads, innovative thermal management designs, IP66 and 3G vibration rated die-cast housings for exceptional durability and long term reliability, versatile mounting bracket, and constant current LED drivers with high stability and ultra-low EMI noise generation. Designed to the highest performance standards for sports lighting, Mecree's products deliver video friendly light without glare and spill light while reducing the growing concern with light trespass.
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